Following are pictures of all the kittens we have bred, however please you can visit our gallery page to see them as adults.
We are pleased to announce the birth of seven silver spotted kittens in September 2013 - pictures and names to follow...

Sucess again with UK Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Champion Oitamonsoon Taliah and UK Grand & Grand Champion Adfursh Sohbek - 7 stunning kittens born 24/9/13. 


Mauology Ithena

Mauology Aphrodite

Mauology Selene

Mauology Hemera

Mauolgy Juno

Mauology Apollo

Mauology Zeus




Delighted with the first  litter born of CH Maulogy Amirah & Annisis Armani D'Argent


Mauology Suzanna 


Mauology Lovehearts 


Mauology Jelly Bean (aka Sherbet)


Mauology LiquoriceAllsorts


Mauology Haribo 



Five lovely silver kittens were born from GR Ch Mauology Serenity and Sohbek in February 2012.


Mauology Get Here If You Can (Sparkle)


Mauology Tempation (Lily)


Mauology Hungry Like a Wolf (Issa)


Mauology Nikita (Nikita)


another litter from UK Grand & Imp GR CH Oitamonsoon Taliah & UK Grand & GRCH Adfursh Sohbek"


Mauology Amirah


Mauology Lucy Lou


Mauology Maximus


Mauology Lucius


Mauology Dynamo


Compare the





Seren's Kittens 2011


Mauology Angel (Freya) is leaving us in June.  She has a loving nature with the loudest purr I have ever heard.


Mauology Cirle of Life (Nahla) is joining her sister in Holland.  She has an independent personality with a fabulous worried' expression.




Mauology Mr Bojangles  (Charlie) a funky little charater with a huge peronality.


Mauology Lola (Lola)

A very sweet and loving little girl who gets into some very small places.


Mauology I Gotta Feelin (Alfie) leaving us to join Lola, a quiet boy with a very fast stride. Now you see him now you dont!



Taliahs Kittens 2010


Mauology Malachite, Dotty Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst & Sapphire.  A wonderful litter with big possiblities - more to come of these guys.


Dotty Diamond


Mauology Ruby



Mauology Malachite follow my leader




Just look at those spots!


Seren's Kittens 2009


Mauology Midnight Mama (Laila) moved to Finland.  She has done very well in the show ring and is currently expecting her first litter. Fingers crossed.



Mauology Smoke on the Water (Ed) now 'Elliot'. The most loving and cuddly boy to date, Ed lived in my dressing gown all Xmas


Mauology Tangled up in Blue (Orla) now 'Blue'. The sweetest little mau I have ever met, if not a little bit overwhelmed by her four naughty smoked littermates.



Mauology Dont Stop Me Now (John) now called 'Sam'.  Sam lives local, he is a dream at the shows and has turned out a lovely smoke.  







Taliah's Kittens 2009


Mauology Crystal & Anatase, both now Grand Champions.  Two beautiful breeding queens, whom have recently given birth to their own healthy litters


Mauology Onyx & Quartz went to live in London (Maud & Mabel) with a music composer.  Still enjoying a life of luxury and mozart by all accounts


Mauology Jasper. One word handsome and adorable (oh yes thats two!)



Taliah's first litter 2008


Serenity & Solomon.  Where Mauology began...


Mauology Solomon making an ass of himself


Our first girl Serenity (Seren) she has also done us proud.



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