Champion Amirah is Taliah's daughter born in 2011.  She won the heart on Andy and firmly settled into our hearts and home.   Having high hopes as a show queen she showed promise with her perfect ground colour, pale goosebery eyes, muscluar body type, worried expression and funky attitude.


She make Champion 2013 and is now chasing the Grand and will be representing the breed at the Sumpreme cat show in November 2013.   Fingers crossed she will wow the judges as much as her Mum.


 She was mated in 2013 with a new stud on bloke from french lineage Annasis Armani D'Argent and produced five beautiful solver kittens


Amirah's Kitten History:



Amirah & Annisis Armani D'Argemt on 6/4/2013


Mauology Suzanna (silver entire female) 

Mauology Loverhearts (silver neuteredfemale) 

Mauology Jelly Bean (silver neutered female) 

Mauology LiquoriceAllsorts (silver neutered female)

Mauology Haribo (silver neutered Male)


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