Taliah is our foundation queen born 27/2/06.  She is a very elegant and sweet mau of lovely type and temperament.


Please read her heart warming story (right) which was written for the Supreme Cat show in 2010.


Taliah went onto to take the 2nd UK Grand title in 2011, making her currently the highest titled entire silver female in the UK.


She has just been mated with the highest titled silver stud in the UK 'UK Grand & GR CH Adfursh Sohbek' and we wait with anticipation for her kittens due September 2013



Taliah's Kitten History:



Taliah & Bacamamdits Abydos (Imp) on 8/2/2008


IMP GR CH Mauology Serenity (silver entire female) 

Mauology Solomon (silver neutered male)




Taliah & Bacamamdits Abydos (Imp) on 24/2/2009


Mauology Jasper (silver neutered male) 

GR CH Mauology Crystal (silver entire female) 

GR CH Mauology Anatase (silver entire female) 

Mauology Onyx (silver neutered female)

Mauology Quartz (silver neutered female)



Taliah & Bacamamdits Abydos (Imp) on 23/6/2010


Mauology Malachite (silver neutered male) 

GR CH Mauology Dotty Diamond (silver entire female)  

Mauology Ruby (silver neutered female)

Mauology Sapphire (silver neutered female)

Mauology Amethyst (silver neutered female)


Taliah & UK Grand & GR Ch Adfursh Sohbek born on 05/09/11


Mauology CH Amirah (silver entire female)  

Mauology Lucy Lou (silver neutered female)  

Mauology Maximus (silver neutered male) 

Mauology Lucius (silver neutered male) 

Mauology Dynamo (silver neutered male) 




Taliah & UK Grand & GR Ch Adfursh Sohbek born on 24/9/13


Mauology **** (silver female)

Mauology **** (silver female)

Mauology **** (silver female)

Mauology **** (silver female)

Mauology **** (silver female)

Mauology **** (silver Male)

Mauology **** (silver Male)



Pictures of all can be found on our kitten page


We expect this litter to be Taliah's last litter.



















" Hi my name is Tali and I was born in 2006 of Palacegarden Sekhmet & Newkingdom Mithril.


I am adored by my guys; Andy & Leesa Knight.  Initially, Andy was a self professed dog man, he bought me as a wedding gift for Leesa.  However, it wasnít long before he was totally smitten with me and the breed as a whole. Not only are we striking to look at, but we have the fun factor too.

My intriguing story is that Iím actually very lucky to be here today.  Just before the Supreme show last year, I was feeling a little insecure after all the focus was on my daughter Seren and the birth of her first litter. In an endeavour to steal back the limelight, I escaped out of a window only to find my way into the jaws of a ferocious dog.  I was savagely attacked and even stopped breathing twice en-route to the vets.  Luckily they fixed me up in record time and I went onto win a UK Grand here at the NEC just 6 weeks later. 

 I adore showing and have an impressive record.  My guys and I can be found at GCCF shows across the country.  Although, our main passion is the Mauology breed programme, although because we love showing so much, we strive to produce kittens of the highest quality. Three of which (mine may I add) are here today; GR CH Mauology Serenity; GR CH Mauology Crystal and GR CH Mauology Dotty Diamond"





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