Seren is Taliah's daughter from her first litter in 2008.  She is a very beautiful, vibrant and loving mau of lovely type and temperament with adorable gooseberry green eyes.


Please read her story (right) which was written for the Supreme Cat show in 2010.


Seren is currently a Grand Champion and we plan to continue showing her to the same standard as her mum.



Seren's Kitten History:


Imp Gr Ch Mauology Serenity & CH Emaus Chance of Meskhenet (IMP) born on 8/10/09



PR Mauology Smoke onthe Water (smoke neutered male) 

Mauology Dont Stopme Now (smoke neutered male) 

Mauology Midnight Mama (smoke entire female)  

Mauology Mama Mia (smoke neutered female)

Mauology Tangled upin Blue (silver neutered female)



Imp Gr Ch Mauology Serenity & UK Grand & GR Ch Adfursh Sohbek born on 03/05/11



Mauology I Gotta Feelin (silver neutered male) 

Mauology Mr Bojangles (silver neutered male) 

Mauology Angel (silver entire female) 

Mauology Circle of Life (silver entire female) 

Mauology Lola (silver neutered female) 


Imp Gr Ch Mauology Serenity & UK Grand & GR Ch Adfursh Sohbek born on 18/2/12


Mauology Hungry Like a Wolf (silver neutered male) 

Mauology Temptation (silver neutered female) 

Mauology Get here if you can (silver entire female) 

Mauology Nikita (silver neutered female) 



Pictures of all can be found on our kitten page








Hi there, my name is Seren and I was bred by Andy & Leesa Knight of Mauology in 2008 from the elegant Imp. Gr. Ch. Oitamonsoon Taliah (pen 605) and the dashing Bacamamdit’s Abydos.


Not only are Maus striking to look at, we have the fun factor too.  We can run as fast as a giraffe, fetch and master any game. If you are looking for a fun, funky and loving member to join your family then we most certainly are for you! 


I am a little mischievous. I can often be found causing a stir somewhere in my Kingdom, anywhere from the kitchen cupboard, a shopping bag, the bath or my personal favourite tight-walking the curtain rail. Defeat is not an option! I see only challenges.  Maus like attention and I am certainly no different, if there’s no one around I like lots of toys to keep me occupied or even better an agile playmate.


In fact I was never happier, than last year, when I had my first litter of kittens…I thought 'silvers' maus were fun, but wait till you meet a smoke.  Boy are they engaging! They kept me entertained all day while my lesser mortals were at work and I can't wait for my next. 


Well guys, it looks like my dream will come true sooner than I thought.  I have being working my big gooseberry eyes on Jo Higgins and she has agreed to let me go and stay with her after the show.  So Sobhek in pen 603 get your coat you’ve pulled!



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