'Our Maus are particularly sensitive to flowers, especially Lilies, if the stamen is ingested it can cause serious harm or death within hours'


Use disinfectants which do not contain Phenol or Cresol. These are poisonous to cats. Most brands of household disinfectants contain them. (A quick test is to see if it goes white when added to water).


All of the following have been the cause of death and serious injury to kittens and young cats: front and top loading washing machines, tumble driers, electric flexes that can be chewed, hot stoves, water tanks, garden pools, toilets with open lids (you don't want to fish your kitten out from the U-bend), hot baths, irons and the tops of storage heaters.


Be aware that your kitten will investigate open chimneys, open doors and windows. It can escape and disappear through the smallest crack and may get shut in a drawer or cupboard. The airing cupboard is a favourite hiding place and the results can be disastrous after a few hours with no litter tray.

Kittens often creep away under low furniture, kitchen units or electrical appliances.


Parvocide, GPC-8, Virkon, Peratol and Trigene are safe in correct dilution. Always dilute a cleansing agent according to the instructions and make sure disinfected items are rinsed and aired afterwards. To cleanse a soiled area use a biological washing powder and then rub with surgical spirit as this prevents the cat being attracted back to the same spot.


Cats and kittens can poison themselves by washing their feet or coats after walking through a poisonous substance. Insecticides, weed killers, slug pellets, timber preservatives, woodworm treatments, petrol and anti-freeze are all harmful to cats - often with fatal consequences. Never give a cat any drugs that have not been prescribed for it; many human drugs are poisonous to cats. Seek veterinary advice immediately if you suspect any form of poisoning.


Take care that toys, or parts of them, cannot be swallowed. Plastic bags and rubber bands such as the elastic that goes around joints of meat are a hazard. Plastic does not show up on an X-ray and can be very dangerous if swallowed. Do not allow a kitten to play unsupervised with wool, string or thread, and beware of sewing needles and pins - kittens have been known to swallow thread with these still attached.


Many house plants are poisonous. Do not leave them where they can be chewed - just in case.  














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